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Graphic Toolbox

LOGOS & ICONS - (Illustrator EPS in Mac or PC)
These files contain the Metro B&W “Snowboard” logo along with the various “Benefit” triangular icons for the product line.

Pre-formatted templates you can easily download or have your local Quick-Printer (FedEx Kinko’s®) access and peersonalize for your promotional use. Take a look and see how good you can look to your future customers. Banners (various sizes from vertical 30in x 48in to horizontal 2ft x 8ft) and Jumbo Banners (use on the side of dumpsters), along with other templates in various layouts and promotion with specific Metro profiles.

These graphics can be used as enhancement details on a banner, job sign or advertisement.

These high-res pictures of completed Metro installs around the country and world are for your use in presentations, business cards, job signs or advertisements.

  • Residential: Shake - Shingle - Tile - Roman - COTTAGE-Shingle
  • Home Owners Associations: Shake - Shingle - Tile - Roman
  • Commercial-Industrial: Shake - Shingle - Tile - Roman
  • Churches: Shake - Shingle - Tile
  • Details: Shake - Shingle - Tile - Roman - COTTAGE-Shingle

DISASTERS - (Photoshop JPEG)
These high-res pictures of surviving metal roofs are for your use in developing mailers, brochures or presentation handouts.

  • Earthquake: (Empty)
  • Wind: (Empty)
  • Fire: Scripps Ranch & Ramona CA 11-03
  • Hail: (Empty)

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